Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Our Practice


A message from the Medical Director, Neevon Esmaili, M.D.

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At our clinic we provide mental health assessment and a comprehensive treatment plan that can include psychiatric medication, psychotherapy and support for lifestyle changes for a wide spectrum of mental illness. We feel it is important to consider all factors affecting each patient, including medical issues and life stressors, to determine the cause of the presenting symptoms.We view treatment as a partnership and shared responsibility with each patient, tailored to their specific situation, and offer gentle support for patient growth and work outside of the clinic.

Many of the evidence based and effective psychotherapies such as cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy include components that require the patient to challenge themselves outside of the therapy sessions independently with a variety of activities and mental exercises.

We believe that making changes where indicated in the patient’s lifestyle is important. Mental illness, much like chronic illnesses of the body such as high blood pressure or diabetes, can respond to lifestyle interventions. It has been shown that exercise (as simple as taking a walk) and a healthy diet can target mental illness as part a treatment approach that may also include psychiatric medication and psychotherapy.