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  • Rates & Insurance

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    Psychiatric Medication Services


    Currently the clinic accepts the following insurances for medication management depending on the provider.
    • Aetna (not Medicare)
    • Anthem Blue Cross of California
    • Cigna
    Please be sure to obtain a referral prior to coming if that is necessary for your type of insurance. If you do not have Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross or Cigna insurance, you can be seen as an out of network/fee-for-service patient, see below.


    Out of Network/Fee for Psychiatry Services (Physician)

    • Medication management follow-up: $220 for 25 minutes
    • Psychotherapy (with medication management if needed) with psychiatrist: $400 for 50 minutes
    • Fee for Service Initial Evaluation: $595 for a 90 minute evaluation


    Psychotherapy Services



    Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross accepted for psychotherapy depending on the provider. All of the psychotherapists practicing at mental fitness clinic have been approved by the medical director.


    Out of Network Psychotherapy

    • Psychiatrist: $400 for a 50 minute session
    • Doctorate level psychotherapist: $240 for a 50 minute session
    • Master level psychotherapist: $175 for a 50 minute session


    Neuropsychological Testing

    Neuropsychological testing is an out of network service only, we will submit a super bill to your insurance company. The cost varies depends on the amount of time and the materials used. If you are interested in this service, you will be given an estimate of cost prior to the assessment based on your/your child’s needs.