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  • Telehealth

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    Mental Fitness Clinic provides patient visits via the internet with HIPPA compliant video sessions (“telehealth or telemedicine”) to those patients requesting.

    Access our services online with our licensed providers in the comfort of your own home. Online visits can be useful if there are barriers to attending the clinic in person. Many insurance plans will cover telehealth appointments.

    Video sessions are HIPPA compliant and secure.

    Psychotherapy and psychiatry (medical) services are available online.


    For the best telehealth experience, we suggest the following:

    • At the beginning of the session, please identify your location to your clinician.
    • Select a private space for the meeting ( preferably a room with a closed door).
    • Use a headset.
    • Have white noise playing near walls/doors if necessary to mask sound.
    • Get a home blood pressure monitor/weight scale if requested by your clinician and measure your blood pressure/weight prior to the session.
    • For children/adolescents, the Zoom program has a whiteboard feature that can be used for drawings, ask your clinician for more details.
    • You have the option to hide the self view (the small video feed of yourself running at the top of the screen) by putting the mouse cursor over the small self view video feed at the top of the screen, clicking on the three dots, then clicking “hide self view.”


    If for any reason the link fails or if the video chat drops, please call the office at  (310) 935-0032 and connect to your clinician’s extension directly.