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  • Why Is Gambling Addiction Higher Among Athletes?

    Gambling Disorder is a behavioral addiction similar to any drug/substance addiction (i.e., alcohol, cocaine)

    Symptoms include:

    • Higher tolerance (increase frequency and financial bets to gain same level of excitement)
    • Restlessness or irritability when attempting to quit
    • Preoccupied with the thought of gambling
    • Uses gambling to cope with other feelings of distress including anxiety and depression.
    • It has negatively impacted relationships or employment
    • Conceals involvement with gambling from others
    • Has made various unsuccessful efforts to stop gambling

    Risk Factors are More Prevalent Among Athletes

    1. Young age
    2. The opportunity to gamble
    3. Social acceptance of gambling
    4. Easy access to money
    5. Risk-taking mentality
    6. Inside knowledge as an athlete provides an advantage in betting sphere
    7. Sense of invisibility
    8. Competitive nature